Why small businesses, entrepreneurs should blog

There’s a reason why journalism majors like me are flocking to sales and marketing.

While the Internet has revolutionized the information business, the big question is money. How do you make money off free information?

This question of money has led to the decline of newspapers–major daily newspapers like the Chicago Tribune have made serious cuts to stay afloat–and the greatest puzzle in the history of publication.

But for businesses, the question of money should prompt entrepreneurs into the online fray.

Most people get their information through search engines and referrals. Rather than remembering urls, the average Internet user enters a few keywords into a search engine like Google.

To find the best results, Google looks for those keywords within your link and your copy, and it orders its results based on whatever sites it thinks match your query the best.

Simply put, search engines provide free advertising.

Blogs offer business owners the opportunity to be both a resource for potential customers and an expert in their fields with a voice, all while promoting their businesses by publishing quality, consistent content.

Dr. Flora Brown of Big Talk Radio.com recently talked about this on her online show, which you can listen to below:

Listen to internet radio with Flora M Brown PhD on Blog Talk Radio



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