Why Hire a Professional Bookkeeping Company? Ask a Dentist!

Chances are, you didn’t start your own business because you like bookkeeping, but it is a big part of what you do. In fact, it’s becoming too much of what you do and you’re starting to forget why you were interested in entrepreneurship in the first place. Before you begin regretting your investment, we have some information that will rekindle your passion for business.

At Two Roads, we do bookkeeping so you don’t have to. By outsourcing your company’s financials, you can focus on growing your business by doing what you love. Instead of spending time reconciling your accounts and calculating monthly financial reports, you can read about new research in your field, attend a conference, implement an innovative business strategy, and build better relationships with your clients.

Dr. Jonathan Bradshaw is a general dentist who runs his practice out of Lenoir City, Tennessee.  He came to us a year ago after being burned by a previous bookkeeping company who treated him as an afterthought. Instead of helping him achieve his business goals through sound financial strategy, he was flooded with messy records and inaccurate reports; he received terrible customer service and no financial advice. However, despite his bad experience with “professional” bookkeeping, he still believed that outsourcing his company’s financials was the right choice for his dental practice. Now a Two Roads partner, we both do what we’re good at: we handle his finances and he nurtures his practice through excellent customer care and he couldn’t be happier.

When we asked Dr. Bradshaw about the biggest benefit of hiring a professional bookkeeping company and the Two Roads difference, this was his response:

Why Hire a Professional Bookkeeping Company?

We value your trust and we practice what we preach.  We treat our partners as family, which means giving them the best results with the best technology available. We use cloud bookkeeping software to guarantee that your financial records are accessible 24/7, always accurate, and entered efficiently. We work hard to increase your company’s profitability because we believe in helping you make sound financial decisions so you can continue doing what you love. We also understand that security is a priority and we take every measure possible to make sure all of your information remains confidential.

If you’re considering professional bookkeeping for your business, check out the services we offer, then contact us: 865-212-0063.


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