What Is Your Accountant Doing for You?

What Is Your CPA Doing for You?

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CPAs are in the business of serving and protecting the public’s interest. Throughout the year, we are staying informed with your business and personal happenings, constantly furthering our education, monitoring new tax laws and developing new technology with the goal of providing the best proactive services to our clients.

To be compliant, CPAs should be helping business owners stay on top of their federal estimated payments. The IRS has begun to strictly enforce the rule that federal taxes must be paid in each quarter, and business owners need to be confident that their CPA is computing their estimated taxes accurately, and planning to help reduce taxes where options are available.

To be effective, CPAs must stay informed of your business by reviewing your financials and asking questions about your plans for the future. Tax savings and deferral opportunities are everywhere, and your CPA should be working closely with you to help reduce to defer your taxes as is most advantageous to you.

To be complete, CPAs must be working with other professionals to ensure you have access to a full set of financial services. CPAs, attorneys, and financial planners each have a different role to play in your financial future, and it’s imperative that everyone is working together for your best interest. This includes staying on top of new legislation that may affect your industry, retirement plans, and even your local business environment.

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