What Good Apples and Company Culture Have in Common

What Good Apples & Company Culture Have in Common

If you think about it, you often spend more time with your co-workers than you do with your own family. At Two Roads, we believe that a strong team culture is our greatest asset.  In fact, we believe getting that right impacts everything else. I’ll tell you why.

A “team” is made up of individuals working toward the same objective, whether it’s winning a football game, raising a family, or surpassing a sales goal. The “culture” that happens is a result of those individuals rubbing shoulders with each other through the sharing of personal beliefs, attitudes, and ideas. In a previous blog post, I talked about the relationship between emotions and one’s attitude and how important it is to be proactively positive. Not only this ideology beneficial to personal growth, it’s beneficial to the growth of any business.

When we hire new people, we look for “culture contributors”, people who are going to add to our existing work culture and edify the team and our partners. “Culture killers”, on the other hand, are those who lack the core values we constantly try to promote (like passion, care, and service) and can spoil relationships just like a bad apple in a barrel of good ones.

I love our team. Our team members genuinely believe that they have a greater purpose and invest in each other and in our partners’ businesses, rather than simply staying on task and keeping up with numbers. Throughout the years, we’ve spread our wings and our company has grown. One of the biggest challenges when growing a company is maintaining the team culture that makes your business unique. What I’ve found is that maintaining that culture is something you must actively pursue. It won’t happen just by passively sitting back and just hoping that it’s maintained. Good communication is essential and reminding everyone to always rise to the highest standard ensures that all of your links remain strong.

I’m excited to introduce a four week series on company culture in which I’ll be interviewing several leaders in the technology and accounting industries: Rene Lacerte, CEO and Founder of Bill.com, Stuart McLeod, CEO and Co-Founder of Karbon, Inc., and Jim McGinnis, Vice President and Leader of the Accountant Segment for Intuit. Not only are these men friends of Two Roads, but I believe they and their companies exemplify world class company culture. I’m convinced that a company’s culture is the number one driver in business and I can’t wait to share how these company cultures make each one unique and successful. Follow us on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn to stay posted!

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