Two Roads Promotes Joe Carufe to President

Two Roads Promotes Joe Carufe to President

If managing one of the nation’s best bookkeeping firms is all about “putting the right people, in the right seats on the bus”, as the book Good to Great suggests, then Two Roads’ leadership is certainly making some seat changes for the greater good. The Two Roads team is pleased to announce that Joe Carufe is now President of our firm.

Joe Carufe, who has been with Two Roads for over five years and most recently served as Director of Operations and Technology Lead, will take over for Chad Ridner who will now serve as Principal | Business Strategist.

A Word from Chad Ridner

Chad RidnerTwo Roads was started in April 2011 with a desire to change the landscape of the bookkeeping and tax industry. The vision struck a chord in Knoxville and we quickly realized that we needed a young, scrappy entrepreneurial-minded person to help build systems that would allow us to scale and serve more and more business owners. Joe Carufe officially came on board in June of 2011, and now five and half years later we are excited to announce his promotion to President of the company.

Over the past five and a half years, Joe has served our team and our partners in phenomenal ways. As Two Roads’ former Director of Operations, Joe has always jumped into problems to see what might have gone wrong and personally crafts systems driven solutions. He patiently helps the team through all technological challenges so we can deliver the best product to our partners and the marketplace. He is empathetic to those around him so that they feel comfortable leaning on him for help and guidance without feeling that they are impeding on his time. He constantly challenges the status quo so that we are always on the cutting edge of our field to help lower the costs for our partners and deliver a better product.

Much has happened over the past year and as the Firm of the Future, we’ve grown a lot and learned a little more. As a company, we strive to always be future ready, whether that means staying ahead of technical evolution or preparing our partners for the next fiscal year. We do this by providing our partners with not only the best services, but the best team. I am very much looking forward to watching Joe flourish and I am confident that as our president, he will lead Two Roads to even greater heights.

A Word from Joe Carufe

Joe Carufe Two Roads PresidentI love this company, I love our team, and I love our clients.  We will continue to create a world-class experience for our partners and team members and build the best network of partnerships in the nation. I am passionate about Two Roads being a place where small business owners are served and partnered with for their success. We are committed to the small business community and to the partners that we are so fortunate to work for. I look forward to continuing to be a positive voice in the accounting / bookkeeping community to push our industry forward into a bright future.

My goal for the next year is for our existing client family to be serviced even better and for more business owners to have access to our incredible team and have a fighting chance at not just business survival but to thrive. According to Intuit, “A small business has a 80% higher chance of success when they partner with a bookkeeper.” I want Two Roads to be that bookkeeping partner for so many more business owners and their families.

I’m so excited for the opportunity but so keenly aware that Two Roads isn’t just one person. We are a company built by fifteen wonderful people who deserve all the credit in the world for their hard-work and care for our business owners and each other. We are a dedicated team of the best people in the world and we here to serve. Over the next year, you should continue to anticipate the same great service that is humble, simple, excellent, and caring and be on the lookout for the growing Two Roads family in a new city near you soon!

I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and am looking forward to a bright future of serving our community, our team, our partners and our industry in new ways.

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