Two Roads “Firm of the Future” Excitement is Shared on a Local & National Level

On November 2, 2015, Two Roads was named the number one Firm of the Future in Intuit Inc.’s nationwide search for forward-thinking bookkeeping firms. Since our startup in 2011, we have been reshaping the way small businesses manage their financials and it was a great honor to have our efforts recognized by a flagship company.

Since the winning announcement was made, we have been blown away by the celebratory outpouring from a variety of sources, both local and national. In addition to numerous high fives and pats on the back, here are a few articles that have shared our exciting new “Firm of the Future” status as well as our company vision.

Knoxville News Sentinel

Knoxville News Sentinel

It was such a privilege to be featured in the business section of our local newspaper. The full article is available to subscribers here.

Inside of Knoxville

Knoxville Urban Guy blogged about our beautiful new office space and our unique perspective on living life in the workplace. Read the full article.

Intuit Accountants News Central

In this article written by Intuit, I share the inspiration behind the video, what sets Two Roads apart from traditional bookkeeping firms, and why we are the Firm of the Future.

Insightful Accountant

A news source for the small business advisor, Insightful Accountant shared our excitement in their article, which you can read here.

Accounting Web

This article explains the importance of cloud-based bookkeeping and Two Roads’ commitment to using the best technology to help small business owners achieve their dreams.

Do want to read more of what others have to say? Check back soon for more published articles!

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