Two Roads Celebrates 6 Years of Growing with The Plaid Apron

Drew McDonald with Massimo Bottura who’s restaurant (Osteria Francescana) was named #1 in the world in 2016.

This month celebrates our company’s 6th year of being in business. We know we would not be the firm we are today without our outstanding clients.  So instead of tooting our own horns, we thought we would shed the light on the true heroes out there. Our small business owners and one special business in particular; Our good friends, Drew and Bonni McDonald of The Plaid Apron.

Everyone has that one place. That place they will eat at over and over. That place they love to take  out-of-town guests to because they know the food will always impress. That go-to date night place. That place that doesn’t just fill up the stomach, but excites the imagination.

The Plaid Apron is that place for me. Located in the heart of Sequoyah Hills in Knoxville, this little restaurant packs some major flavor punch into its well-thought-out cuisine. Drew McDonald, chef and owner of The Plaid Apron, opened this restaurant with his wife Bonni the same 6 years ago. Where several failed cafes had existed in the past, The Plaid Apron came in and became a staple in the neighborhood quite simply because Drew had a vision to embrace the community around him.

The Plaid Apron CommunityWith a seasonal menu and a huge push to source as much food as he can from the local farmers within 40 or 50 miles of the area, he spends his mornings collecting fresh produce, meats and dairy from the Knoxville area’s hard-working farmers and his evenings delivering some of the most creative, beautiful and absolutely satisfying dishes around. From brunch to dinner and the coffee and muffins in between, everything about Drew’s menu is on purpose. Food is what he does best.

But Drew and Bonni know it takes more than just the creative vision to see a business succeed. While the talent and creative aspect are the heartbeat, for a small cafe to grow into a thriving eatery, you need the numbers, the financials, the backbone of the business to be healthy as well.

The Plaid Apron Food

This is where our paths with The Plaid Apron converged nearly five years ago.  Since July of 2012 we’ve: paid their bills, filed all their taxes, reconciled their bank and credit card accounts, showed the profitability and key ratios of the restaurant so they can make informed decisions, and have walked through the challenging life of choosing the road less traveled of owning small businesses. We’ve enjoyed watching their business and family grow and they’ve seen every stage of our growth as well.

It has been our honor to be a part of their story and many others like them in our community. The goal was to free them up to do what they do best: food!!! By off-loading the financial burden of bookkeeping, Drew is able to focus 100% of his attention to growing the restaurant and just completed a major renovation of the restaurant. They had the vision, we had the financial metrics to prove the renovation costs would pay off.  It’s a partnership that goes together like peanut butter and jelly, or more like Drew’s wood-fired filet mignon and mashed potatoes.

The Plaid Apron Inside

With every new exciting vision or proposal, we are eager to be there partnering with The Plaid Apron, helping to provide assurance and care through a clear picture of financial well-being. Food may be Drew’s passion but financial peace of mind is ours. We love that we have been able to be a part of The Plaid Apron’s story, witnessing brilliant passions become a financial success, a dream realized, a community built up and a stomach happy.

Happy Anniversary to you, The Plaid Apron. Thanks for letting us walk alongside you in your road less traveled.  Here’s to the next six years together!

Co-written by:

Natalie Aldredge – Current/Lead bookkeeper on their account

Joe Carufe – First bookkeeper on their account, now President of Two Roads

  • Maria Golisano
    Posted at 14:11h, 09 November Reply

    I would love to know how to become a bookkeeper and understand the intricacies of the Quickbooks program for small businesses. I recently was blessed to be hired by a local accountancy firm as an Admin Assistant. I have done in the past MINIMAL I mean really MINIMAL bookkeeping using QB Online. I had in the past been QB Online Certified but all the information that was provided was not even used 95%. The firm I had assisted with was for a one person business. I love hearing about stories like this one and how bookkeeping assisted a couple’s dream and has so much more yet to grow! Congrats to The Plaid Apron and kudos to those in QB who have continued to guide them along their path.

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