TSheets Names Two Roads Among Top 14 Quickbooks Blogs to Read in 2018

We have the immense privilege of being named one of the Top 14 Quickbooks Blogs to Read in 2018 by TSheets. TSheets was recently acquired by Intuit and we couldn’t be happier about two of our favorite softwares coming together to better serve the small business community we love! At Two Roads, we are so thankful to have software like these to incorporate into our ability to serve and partner with our clients.


Perhaps you saw the video we recently shared on Facebook that Quickbooks recently put out sharing about their #backingyou campaign. It is this kind of action-fueled sentiment that makes us feel honored to be mentioned by TSheets, their affiliate. We work hard to support the small business community in as many ways as possible, even before we have the privilege of partnering with you as a client.


Because of this, we thought we would round up our top ten posts from 2017 so that you could have quick access to some helpful information and be empowered on your business journey at the beginning of this new year.


2017’s Top Ten Blog Posts:


  1. First up, Tax Deadlines! This isn’t the punchiest blog but as taxes are on everyone’s mind this time of year, we wanted you to have this list to make sure you are up-to-date and haven’t missed anything!
  2. Next up, are you asking the smart questions you SHOULD be asking about your business finances? This quick blog post helps to make sure you are arming yourself with the kind of information that will drive your profits forward.
  3. If you are curious about just how a bookkeeping service might help you as a small business, here was a super fun blog highlighting our anniversary by way of sharing the testimony of a restaurant that we have had the privilege of serving for most of our time as a company! (And if you happen to ever find yourself in Knoxville, TN you should totally check out The Plaid Apron for a super tasty meal!)
  4. Back to business, Bill Piper of the Two Roads Memphis office shares a video with tips on avoiding three common profit thieves in your business.
  5. Do you know you need to start taking control of your finances but don’t know where to start? Here is a blog on building a financial strategy in 20 minutes!
  6. Questions about the difference between an accountant and a bookkeeper, why books matter and who to turn to when? This two part blog explains the difference! Here is Part 1 and…
  7. Here is Part 2
  8. A personal favorite, Adam Slack (one super smart business dude who founded Two Roads and does CFO consulting for growing businesses) shares his knowledge on how you should spend your time as a successful business owner.
  9. We all want to save money but cutting corners will often end up costing your company profits and growth in the long run! This blog post highlights three of those money-saving lies you might be tempted to buy into.
  10. Lastly, with the new year just behind us, maybe you are battling some discouragement as you review your goals from last year and feel like you fell short or just don’t have what it takes to cut it in your business or industry. Check out this blog post on imposter syndrome to be reminded of just how you got where you are at and how to forge ahead with confidence!


Thanks for taking the time to check us out. Thanks again to TSheets for the honor of being named on Top 14 Quickbooks Blogs to Read in 2018! More than anything, we look forward to continuing this journey with all of our awesome small business owners and entrepreneurs. We hope we are able to continue to relieve the burden of financial confusion so that you can OWN IT in 2018!



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