The Importance of Constant, Steady Growth

TR steady growthSmall and first time companies frequently make the mistake of reaching their first goal, and then pausing to rest on their laurels.

It is this pause that hurts them; in the time that they were congratulating themselves, another company pulled ahead and pushed them out of the market.

A company who stalls in the middle of their success will quickly fall. Similarly, a company that tries to rise too fast will often find no success.

It is important for a business to always continue growing, but to know its limits and not push beyond its capacity.

What follows are a few tips to keep companies from stalling and to help them on their journey for growth:

Be aware of talent gaps:

A company that is growing must consistently promote employees and train them in new positions. If employees are hired or promoted beyond their ability, their inadequacy may not be noticed until it is too late.

Ensure that employees are constantly being evaluated on their performance and their knowledge. Performance reviews are not meant to devalue or display distrust for employees, but to constructively help them when they may be struggling.

Maintain excellence:

Too often, excellent performances slip to mediocre and to poor simply because of laziness. A company that has performed well must continually seek every quarter and every year to perform even better.

Excellence can never be truly achieved, and a company can always do better. Encourage employees when they have done well, but remind them there is always room for improvement.

Do not fall behind the market:

Continuously conduct new research, make new products, find faults, and improve on them. If you sit on one successful product for too long, then other companies will eventually pass you. Never stop improving, diversifying, and seeking to be perfect in every area.

Do not simply copy other companies:

When a company finds a path to success, other companies fall over themselves seeking to follow and drink from the same well. This is evident in fast food corporations, snack food companies, and soft drink companies.

When McDonald’s made the Big Mac, Burger King had the Whopper, and when the first beer company introduced a Lite beer, the others soon followed.

Be original:

Don’t be afraid to come up with something new, or to pioneer new ground. You may fail, but when you succeed, you become first in class. Chick-Fil-A decided to make a fried chicken filet sandwich and french fries that were shaped unlike any seen elsewhere. It was different. It was new. And it succeeded.

Stay ahead of finances:

Do not let your financial problems bog you down or they may drag you backwards until they have become a problem too large to handle. Keep your books organized, pay taxes on time, and keep an accurate record of all transactions.

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