Technologically Savvy

I want to communicate the importance of using technology as a small business.  There are so many free or inexpensive online tools that can dramatically affect the small business owner/entrepreneur making them much more efficient and up to date.  Whether that is social media tools like FB or Twitter, free email and calendar applications like Google, or document storage like Google Drive.  You can collaborate with multiple employees and do it in a “cloud” based environment where everyone can participate but you don’t have to worry about data loss.

SCORE gives 4 steps to help you in your technology trek:

  1. Determine what tech tool (whether that’s computerized bookkeeping, an email marketing program or a point-of-sale system) would have the greatest effect on your sales
  2. Create a list of desired technologies in order of importance
  3. Assess how much money the particular technology would cost, as well as how much it would potentially save or bring in
  4. Prioritize your purchases and buy what you can

Technology might not be your priority at the moment, but you should take a moment to see how vital it is to business today. No matter where you take the first step, it will show its effect quickly, whether in your bottom line or in your own personal time. Consumers want to know about small businesses today and its up to you to engage this on-line, instant gratification generation!

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