Send us a referral in December and get free Christmas Cash!

TR santa cashIt’s just about 2 more weeks until our referral program ends and we don’t want you to miss out. We hear lots of things from business owners who are relieved to finally have someone else taking care of their bookkeeping.

Here’s some of the most common comments. A couple are a little humorous!

  • I’m wearing about 9 hats and have no time for keeping our books straight. Can you help?
  • Here, just take it all. I have no idea what I’m doing.
  • If I could reach our bookkeeper, I could tell you the answer…
  • I wish I had more time to actually do my job, instead of spending hours a week trying to reconcile our accounts.
  • Uhm, you mean we have to file taxes EVERY year?
  • We’d love to find a reliable bookkeeper who will be on time, every time.

Know anyone who might say these things? We’d love to help them get them bookkeeping in order and stay in order. Send us their contact information and go for the Christmas Cash…You have $500 to gain and nothing to lose! See a full description here.

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