About Us

At Two Roads, we believe our greatest asset is our team. We’re incredibly passionate about creating a culture where our team members thrive and are committed to having each others’ backs.

We believe when our team feels supported and empowered, they can serve the heck out of the business owners we partner with, giving them the freedom to pursue their passions.  

Two Roads president, Adam Slack believes making time to spend with your family is vital as a small business owner. We want to help you have the freedom to do that as well!

Our team members have the freedom to work all over the country but get excited when they can find ways to meet up!

Another cup of coffee for Taylor before he hits the books again!

We love when our littlest team members stop by the Knoxville office for a visit.

Randi in Florida finally finding a day cold enough to sport her Two Roads gear!

Our little crew members enjoying the goods from local businesses we serve.

Elizabeth showing some love to her business partners when she finally gets the chance to travel through their neck of the woods.

The Knoxville crew enjoying a fun evening out at the movies!

Our team members received funds to do something enjoyable with friends and family. Bevann and her husband spent a day getting one with nature!

Two Roads isn’t a traditional bookkeeping firm. We don’t just crunch numbers. We help businesses grow and flourish. We are committed to empowering business owners to understand their financials and grow the businesses they love.

We don’t just want an employee.

We want to be a place where passions can thrive, grow and be further developed.



We are encouraged to build our work around our life, rather than the other way around. That culture alone makes for a very special place.


I’m grateful we’re provided the resources and freedom to work almost anywhere – whether at a relative’s home while visiting out-of-town family, a coffee shop in between appointments or my back porch on a beautiful afternoon.



Bookkeeper since 2016



One of my favorite things about working at Two Roads is the team mentality of our bookkeepers. Although we work from various locations, my coworkers are supportive, encouraging and quick to help with any questions I have.



Bookkeeper since 2011



We’re constantly looking at new systems and processes that can enhance not only the way I work, which is especially important in a remote setting, but also in the way we serve our partners.


It’s a very collaborative discussion, and if something isn’t working, any one of the team members can bring it up with the team and management and offer possible solutions.



Bookkeeper since 2016

When you join Two Roads, whether as a business or a team member, you are joining a group of people committed to playing an active role in the success of small businesses.

A few stories from small businesses that our team has had the pleasure of working with…


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