Knoxville bookkeeping firm Two Roads launches new website

If you’ve been coming to the Two Roads website, you’ve probably noticed that while we excel with books, our web-savvy hasn’t been as on-par.  After looking at this article by the Globe and Mail, we see that while we’ve added more clients, we’ve largely lacked a strong web profile.  Before we relaunched the blog, we hadn’t posted anything since April.

But since September, we’ve been working on a few changes to build our profile on the web.  Our social media nut intern has been working tirelessly to build our brand on Twitter and Facebook.  With many people on staff contributing ideas, we’ve been blogging every Tuesday and Friday about small buisness and entrepreneurship.  Even Chad Ridner has been tweeting (though not too happily)!

Now we’re excited to finally roll out our new website, a welcome improvement over our old blog on  Powered by, this new website features a more accessable layout, a featured bar and widgets that take you directly to where you need to go to find out more about us and what we’re doing.  In the coming months, it will enable us to provide higher-quality content.
For those of you who have helped us get Two Roads to where it is today, we give our thanks.  As we grow, we see this new website being an integral part who we are as a business.

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