Go From Running a Restaurant to Running a Business—A CFO's Guide [FREE CHECKLIST DOWNLOAD]

Go from Running a Restaurant to Running a Business—A CFO’s Guide [FREE CHECKLIST DOWNLOAD]

Ever wish you had a CFO in your restaurant to help you run the business?

If you’re a restaurant owner, you most likely know the drill of making sure you have enough cash to cover payroll, sales tax and rent. Maybe you finally had a killer month of sales, but increased food cost and a three-payroll month killed your bottom line.

A lot of restaurant owners are lost in the weeds. They are sweating through every month while managing the staff & kitchen, watching food cost, paying bills, entering receipts, working 80-90 hour weeks, and have no idea if they are in a good place with their taxes. Sound familiar?

Isn’t that the grind every restaurant owner faces? The answer is a resounding NO! We believe that restaurant owners can move from running a restaurant to running a successful,thriving business. It happens – we’ve seen it!

The path from the weeds to the clear doesn’t happen by putting more hours in and putting off time with your family just a little bit longer. The right systems and the right focus can radically change your business.

To help you sharpen your focus and build your systems, we’ve put together a list of key areas that keep restaurant owners from breaking out of month to month survival.

Growth doesn’t happen without truth.   We want you to know the truth of your situation – along with the truth that you CAN grow into the thriving business you envisioned when you started.

Start with a good clean set of books. Review your spending. Analyze your weak points. And gain insight from your strengths.   

We’ll show you how.  Download the checklist now!

A CFO's Checklist - How to Save Time, Money, & Increase Profit

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