Free *UPDATED* Guide For Small Business Bookkeeping

The Small Business Association states that, despite the myth, only 30% of small business fail within the first year and 50% actually fail somewhere later within the first five years. These may seem like discouraging facts to start a blog post geared toward small business owners but my guess is that you already know this. I bet you are so well acquainted with the struggle to thrive. I bet you go to sleep at night often thinking about this. For most small business owners, their investment of time and money and sacrifice extends to their families and spouses and friends.


So why start a blog talking about this??


Because here at Two Roads, we want to see you make it past that five year mark!


In fact, we want to see you make it past the ten year mark! We want to see you make it to the “you have opened multiple locations and are taking vacations and are proud of the legacy you have to pass on to your kids” mark. That’s a thing, I promise.


We hope this blog serves small business owners across the nation with practical and motivational help. We want to remind you that there will be grueling, you-think-it-is-all-over days but those don’t have to be the end of you or your small business. You can get up and work hard tomorrow. You can analyze your mistakes, plan a way to do it differently and go make it happen.


So maybe you are in the first five years of business and you are afraid of those failure stats. Maybe you started the year with an ambitious plan but then business ownership happened. You had to add three more hats to the seven you were already wearing.


Or maybe you didn’t have the proper tools to help you succeed in those goals! Maybe you didn’t understand how both your past and present financials can help you design a roadmap that will take the guesswork out of success. (Instead of just give you a headache and make you panic about taxes.)


Like the plot of every ugly duckling teenage rom-com, we want to transform your view of small business accounting. This can literally be the key to you laying your head on your pillow and sleeping at night because you KNOW not only where you stand but the exact steps you need to take to get you where you want to be!


I want you to feel like you are in control and at the steering wheel of your business rather than the other way around.



That’s why I’m excited to share our free Guide to Small Business Bookkeeping! Maybe you have downloaded this in the past but today we are sharing our all new version! This expanded version will help you better understand what you need to have in place to see the right financial data and get that roadmap that we talked about! We also share helpful software to use for your business accounting and other backend office systems. 

Go ahead and fill out the form below to get your free resource now!



If you’ve read through your download and feel like you still want to know more, here is a great list of blog posts to keep you going.


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