Do or Do Not, but Work Hard

I think often times we focus on what we should be doing. We make to do list, create resolutions, promise to eat salads every day, but what about our “not to do list”. Do you focus on what activities you should put off? Jeff Haden, in a recent article, outlined what 10 things we should stop doing at work:

1. Blaming.

2. Impressing.

3. Clinging.

4. Interrupting.

5. Whining.

6. Controlling.

7. Criticizing.

8. Preaching.

9. Dwelling.

10. Fearing.

As I read this, I realized how often we needed to stop doing as much as start doing.

And I would like to add one more to this list. Lets stop waiting for the economy to get better. Lets all start today. Go out and work as hard as we can with no more excuses. How is the election in November going to affect what decision you could or could not make today? Begin tomorrow by seizing what opportunities are in front of you and work as hard as you can as if we were in the greatest economy the world has ever known. Whats the worst that could happen? Hard work pays off, even in a dip.

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