How Cloud Technology Helps Us Embrace Old School Bookkeeping Values

How Cloud Technology Helps Us Embrace Old School Bookkeeping Values

It’s no secret that we live in a fast-paced society and it seems that technology has set the pace. Everywhere you go, people are looking down, thumbing through photos, scrolling down their newsfeeds, only looking up to take a selfie. This kind of behavior makes one wonder — Have we lost touch with people who are living and breathing in the outside world? And is technology to blame?

While some may argue that technology has caused a devolution into a passive state, we would like to note that technology itself is not to blame. Rather, technology is a tool that has been misused and abused by those who don’t truly understand its purpose. We at Two Roads believe technology was designed to help all of us improve the way we do things. For us, this means improving the way we work and the way we communicate with our Partners.

Here are just a few examples of the different ways cloud bookkeeping technology helps us do that:

1. Cloud bookkeeping is more efficient for us and more profitable for you. Cloud bookkeeping reduces the amount of time we spend flipping back and forth between piles of paperwork and other tasks that are less meaningful. Instead, we can spend our time on more important things like analyzing your business patterns and comparing your financial trends to other companies in your industry and highlight opportunities where you can get ahead. Not only that, we’re also able to turn that time saving benefit back around to you in the form of competitive pricing.

2. The cloud backs up all data in real time and updates automatically. This all sounds great if you’re a bookkeeper, but what does that really mean for you? Real time data backup means every keystroke is saved the moment it’s entered. So whether there’s a random computer glitch or the power goes out right before your taxes are due, there’s no need to worry because your files are safe and sound. Because the cloud updates automatically, you won’t have to plan for additional software charges.

3. Cloud bookkeeping allows multi-user access from anywhere you have an Internet connection while staying secure. When your books are done in the cloud, you’ll have around the clock access to your financial information, and with real time backup, all of the logs you see will be current. This multi-user access feature also allows us to consult and cross-check one another to ensure accuracy and provide you with a deeper level of reporting. Although your bookkeeping data is accessible from anywhere, it’s protected by many complex firewalls that are nearly impossible to hack, unlike the average computer’s hard drive, which is susceptible to even the most elementary spyware and malware viruses.

As bookkeepers, cloud bookkeeping technology helps us serve our Partners better than the traditional bookkeeping model, while still holding onto those old school values. Read more about what values you should look for when hiring a bookkeeper in 5 Non-Negotiable Qualities Your Bookkeeper Should Have.

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