Cloud computing enables convenient access, quicker bookkeeping

If you have an email account, chances are that you’re already using the Cloud.

People have been using the Cloud for years without even realizing it.  But with the advent of the term “cloud computing” and more businesses switching over to the Cloud, people have gotten confused.  What is this ambiguous thing they call the Cloud?

Simply put, cloud computing allows users to host information on a server external to their computers. The personal computers act as access ports, so that if one computer crashes, data doesn’t get lost. All you need is an internet collection.

Two Roads uses Quickbooks in the Cloud, a premier bookkeeping software,  and its employees are singing its praises.

“The Cloud’s speed is great and has allowed me to work from home at any hour,” Two Roads bookkeeper April Randolph said.

For more information on the Cloud, contact us about Quickbooks, or visit our friends at Claris who provide excellent IT support for the Cloud.



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