Chad Ridner & Karbon’s Wayne Schmidt Discuss Two Roads’ Journey into the Cloud [Webinar]

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to participate in a Thought Leadership webinar with Wayne Schmidt, Practice Advisor at Karbon who helps practices grow, embrace change, and become more profitable by taking advantage of trends that are happening in the accounting industry globally.

In this webinar, I discussed Two Roads’ journey into the cloud, why we decided to make the move, and how it’s benefited us. I also gave practical advice to other businesses who are interested in transitioning their bookkeeping into the cloud as well. Watch the webinar below to learn more.

Chad Ridner Two Roads Karbon Webinar

Two Roads’ vision began with the idea that we wanted to created a bookkeeping company with the entrepreneur in mind. We recognize the value of the business owner’s time and believe that by creating efficiencies, we can make the most of it. By taking on our Partners’ bookkeeping and accounting responsibilities, we free them up to pursue what they love, whether it’s growing their business further, spending time with their families, or playing another round of golf.

Learn more about the bookkeeping and accounting services we offer or contact us directly to see how we can serve you.

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