As tax day approaches, Turbo Tax and others go mobile

The taxman is now on your phone.

As people begin to move away from books to mobile banking and finance websites like Mint, it was inevitable that your taxes would go mobile. The only question is whether they work as well as desktop software or tax experts like Jackson-Hewitt or H&R Block.

Several of the major tax services have launched mobile apps, and Sandra Block of USA has tackled the question of mobile tax returns.

“A promotional video for TurboTax’s iPad mobile app suggests that users can do their taxes while reclining on the floor, sitting in the lotus position or relaxing in a hammock,” she writes. “But given the complexity of the tax code, is this really a task you want to undertake from a prone position?”

You can read the rest of her review of the most popular tax apps at USA Today’s website.

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