5 Must-Read Magazines for Small Business Owners. Which do you read?

Since I began my career in the book business, one of the things I’ve always done is read. Books on history, leadership, finances, startups, technology; if you name a category, I’ve probably read it.  I don’t just rely on books to increase my knowledge, I’ll often grab a magazine (or read online) to quickly catch up on different topics that are helpful for me in my business.  Below is a list of the 5 magazines I try to read on a consistent basis.

5 Must-Read Magazines for Small Business Owners

Inc.  – All about business and entrepreneurship, they are famous for their high growth business list, the Inc. 500 (and 5000), and I’ve found I look forward to reading it. Their stories inspire, encourage and motivate me, and I’m sure you’ll find it the same.

Fast Company – Covering innovation, creativity and ideas, they often focus on businesses and people who are radically changing how work is done in their field.  I like to flip through it and see what I can pick-up from these smart creative people to build our business.

Forbes – The my go to source on finance, industry, and investing, it helps me stay sharp and current on what’s going on nationally. I use it to look for trends that may impact how we do business.

Entrepreneur – Almost everything related to entrepreneurship, operations, small business management, and principles for evaluating business opportunities and franchises is included in this one.   It has solid advice I use each month with my company, customers and team members.

Knoxville Business Journal – This is a local monthly publication that covers local business news in Knoxville, TN and the surrounding counties.  I’ll scan it to see if there is anyone I missed congratulating who changed jobs or got a promotion.  It helps keep me current on how businesses are doing in our city.

So those are my go-to magazines, what are yours?

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