4 Reasons You Should Hire a Bookkeeper

4 Reasons You Should Hire a Bookkeeper

We talk to a lot of small business owners like you. What we hear over and over and over again is that you love what you do but you hate the demand of the back office tasks. It is one of the biggest complaints of people who decide to start their own business. Why? It is a time-sucker! It isn’t what you are good at and it takes you away from what you love!

Similarly, however, most business owners feel like they can’t afford or don’t need to invest in a bookkeeper. You stay in the place of pain because you think it is just one of those things that comes along with owning your own business. We think it is a decision you can’t afford NOT to make and here are 4 reasons why:


Save Time

Save Time

We mentioned this already but let’s face it. As a business owner, it is one of your primary concerns. You want to be spending less time on the clerical tasks and more time on making your business thrive! You want to be able to take a vacation, spend time with your family and maybe even spend time working on your golf game. That isn’t just for retirement! By utilizing a bookkeeper, you are bringing on an expert whose efficiencies and systems will free you up to grow your business and live your life!


Reduce ErrorsReduce Errors

Maybe you are passionate about making pies or maybe you create and sell gadgets for ukelele players. Whatever your passion, it is probably not logging receipts, paying bills and filing taxes. By bringing on a service that does love to do that, you can gain confidence in your numbers because they know what they are doing and they are doing it well. Catching errors can keep you from hassle down the road with your state or federal taxes, save you from late payments and the list goes on. Keep your numbers accurate and your stress levels down!


Save MoneySave Money

We have already mentioned the money that can be saved by ensuring your bills and taxes are filed correctly and on time. But there is more! Using a bookkeeping service that keeps your books up-to-date monthly means that they will be able to spot trends in your spending, catch duplicate or unnecessary charges and point out places where your spending isn’t in line with industry trends. You will also maximize your tax benefits by making sure your expenses and assets are all filed as they should be. And did we mention saving money with your CPA? By having clean books, your CPA’s job will be easier and therefore their fees will be greatly reduced.


Make Money

Saving money is great but at the end of the day your business to be profitable. Hiring a bookkeeper will be vital in helping you get there! Many people run their business one day at a time. All they are sure of is that today, they have money in the bank and they had a good day of sales. But you need a clear snapshot of your company’s health in order to navigate forward. Are your profits greater than your expenses? If you experienced an increase in sales, would you have enough cash to cover the expenses associated with that? Can you afford to hire a better manager? When is the best time for you to do those repairs based on your sales trends? All of these things are decisions you don’t have to make blind! A bookkeeper should provide you with clear monthly financials that will give you insight into the health of your business and give your clarity on how to lead it towards greater success.

Bottom line? If you want to save time, infuse your business with expert financial advice and gain direction for the future of your business, then you should hire a bookkeeper!

  • Derek Dewitt
    Posted at 09:25h, 11 October Reply

    I can see why a business would want a bookkeeper to help manage their bills and monthly expenses. I like that you mention how an accountant can also save you money by catching any discrepancies in the paperwork. Just a few numbers can make all the difference to a company and their funds, so this sounds extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing!

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