3 Ways to Save Time In Your Back Office

If you went into business for yourself, chances are you have had to add a few extra duties to your list beyond just what your sign on the door says about your business. Because whether you’re an architect, a dentist or an award-winning chef, all are business that have bills due, employees to pay and expenses to budget for and the list goes on.


So you haven’t made the decision to pass your bookkeeping off to the experts yet and you are feeling a little run down. Maybe it is by necessity, you still need to save costs wherever you can. Hey, we get that. Or maybe it’s by choice, you feel like you can still handle it all.


Either way, we are firm believers in entrepreneurs and experts getting to spend their time doing what they are good at. We believe you should value your time and get to the place in your business where your work life balance is more than just a pipedream.

Here are a couple of simple tips that you can implement easily to save yourself time in your back office.


Use Mobile Apps:

Make sure you are using an accounting software that has an efficient mobile app to accompany it. For on-the-go professionals, this is key! Being able to send an invoice on-the-spot, record an expense when you incur it or enter a bill straight from your email is a must. You will yourself from forgetful error and the inevitable “I’ll do that later…” pile-up at the end of the month.


Throw Away the Paper:

Use programs like Receipt Bank that handle your receipts and sync them to your bank expenses. Invest in a scanner and create an easy to manage filing system in the cloud. Use an accounting software that allows for digital invoicing. The list goes on but you get the idea. You can keep your personal old-school touch when it comes to customer service but lose the papers in your office. They will only slow you down and bring a sense of clutter to your business.


Make it Weekly:

Rather than waiting until it’s on fire, spend 1-2 hours a week reviewing your expenses, bills, sales and invoices. Make an appointment with yourself and keep it. Not only will this help you avoid things slipping through the cracks, this will help you see the story your numbers are trying to tell you. Sure, you can pay exorbitant fees for your CPA to catch your books up at the end of the year but your won’t have access to the keys to driving your business forward.


Simple as these items may seem, you most likely know all too well the pressure and burden that can build up in the back office when you keep viewing the tasks as simple and putting them off. Before too long, it has become a messy pile of confusion and you don’t know where you stand. Help yourself by implementing these easy tips and give yourself a better idea on a regular basis of where you stand as a business. If your back office burden has grown beyond what you can bear, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We would love to connect with you over a free strategy session.


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