3 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Dental Bookkeeping Company

shareasimage (36)Ever since you started your dental practice, you’ve balanced patient care in one hand and office administration in the other with great finesse. However, as your business continues to grow, you’re finding that you’re doing a lot more juggling and a lot less balancing. You realize you need to make some changes before something important is dropped. You’ve delegated a few extra tasks to your office manager, which has helped lighten your load, but not enough. You reviewed your options and have decided that it’s time to consider outsourcing, starting with your dental practice’s bookkeeping and accounting.

Choosing a good dental bookkeeping company is one of the most important business decisions you can make, so we’ve composed a list of the top three things you should consider when shopping for the right bookkeeper:

  1. Qualifications

When you outsource your dental practice’s bookkeeping and accounting, you are essentially allowing a stranger to access to your financial records, so choose your bookkeeper wisely. While the relationship between a dentist and his bookkeeper is rooted in trust, don’t hesitate to request a background check, search their name on Google, and ask for (and talk to!) their references. You want to make sure your bookkeeper is an expert, so review their qualifications and ask if they’ve completed all trainings and certifications in the accounting software they’re using.

Our staff at Two Roads has a cumulative total of almost 200 years in bookkeeping and accounting experience. Most of our bookkeepers have accounting degrees and are Quickbooks certified and we have a Certified Public Accountant on staff. We also screen our employees thoroughly before hiring so you can be sure your finances are in good hands.

  1. Fees & Services

Bookkeeping and accounting companies differ in the services they provide and in the way they bill their clients. Some charge by the hour, some offer a fixed rate, some provide monthly packages, and some recommend an annual contract. A reputable company will be transparent with how they do business and should be able to provide you with with a reasonable estimate of how long it will take to complete the work and the fee associated with it. Ask questions if anything seems unclear.

At Two Roads, we will handle your accounts payable and receivable, organize and maintain your dental practice’s payroll, reconcile your bank and credit card statements, and prepare financial reports. (Read more about the financial services we provide here.) We also offer fixed rate pricing, so there are no hidden fees.

  1. Accounting Software

A good bookkeeping and accounting company will be familiar with a variety of accounting software options and can recommend a program that best fits your dental practice’s needs.

We pride ourselves on giving our partners the best results with the best technology available, so at Two Roads, we use QuickBooks, the number one software in the U.S. for business financial management.

To learn more about how our cloud bookkeeping software can benefit your dental practice, read our blog post: 5 Perks of Cloud Bookkeeping for Your Dental Practice.

Two Roads provides bookkeeping and accounting services to dentists because we believe in what you do and want to help you do it better. By outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting responsibilities, you will have more time to finely tune your well-oiled machine and build relationships, all of which will strengthen and grow your practice. For more information on how our unique approach to dental bookkeeping and accounting can save you time and make you money, please contact us at 865-212-0063.


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