5 Non-Negotiable Qualities Your Bookkeeping Should Have

5 Non-Negotiable Qualities Your Bookkeeper Should Have

Hiring a professional bookkeeper is the easiest, most profitable way to gauge how well your company is operating while continuing to grow your business. However, not all bookkeepers are the same and the one you hire can be the difference between success and struggle. So, what should you look for in a good bookkeeper? As you research your options, consider these five non-negotiable qualities your bookkeeper should have.

1. Trustworthy

It goes without saying that trust is key factor when hiring someone for your company, however when you’re relying on that person to manage your business’s financials, a whole new level of integrity is expected. Your bookkeeper will be handling a lot of important information that must be kept confidential, not only because it’s beneficial to your company, but because you have a legal obligation to your customers to keep all of their records, including account balances, private. Before signing a contract with a new bookkeeper, do your homework. Include a real-life scenario in your interview with prospects accompanied with “What would you do?” questions. Reputation goes a long way, so consider contacting your potential bookkeeper’s professional references for additional testimony.

2. Knowledgeable

A well-qualified bookkeeper will not only be knowledgeable in everyday bookkeeping practices, he will also understand how those practices apply to your specific industry. He should be able to track your company’s financial progress, compare it to that of your competitors, and report important trends or differences. Also, just like your business strategy is ever-evolving, so is technology. The Cloud has changed the way businesses run and keep financial records. This being said, your bookkeeper should be up to speed on these advancements to help you make the most of them, saving you time and money.

3. Organized

Accurate reporting is ultimately rooted in good organization. Your bookkeeper should have a well-oiled system for interpreting data, preparing reports, and storing files which will increase the efficiency of his work and the profitability of your company. A bookkeeper who works in the Cloud and keeps digital records of your financials will help you reach your business goals more effectively. With the time he’s not spending flipping back and forth between piles of paperwork, he can research helpful financial tactics, analyze your account more thoroughly, and point out areas of growth or opportunity.

4. Detail Oriented

One misplaced comma, period, or mistaking a 0 for an 8 could influence a judgement call and do serious damage to your company. Because of this, your bookkeeper must be very detail-oriented as he will be dealing with the numbers you will use to make important financial decisions. A bookkeeper who is familiar with how your company operates will be able to detect patterns in your financial records and prevent mistakes. Be sure to discuss your accountant’s review policy and ask about what safety nets he has in place to catch numerical mistakes.

5. Client Centric

What separates a “good” bookkeeper from the “best” bookkeeper is his perspective on customer service and client relationships. It’s not enough to be skilled in mathematics, knowledgeable, or organized. Your bookkeeper should not only have a respectful attitude during your interactions, he should be willing to go above and beyond to help you implement a solid business financial strategy. Finding a proactive (vs. reactive) bookkeeper is the key to running a successful business. When your bookkeeper regularly interacts with you and quickly responds to your questions or concerns, you can be sure your financial goals are being met.

At Two Roads, we see our clients as partners, not customers, and our job is to help you flourish. We firmly believe these five qualities are crucial to running a successful and ethical business- both ours and yours. Schedule an appointment online  or call 865-212-0063 and see how we can satisfy your bookkeeping needs.


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